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Our English curriculum at King Charles aims to help pupils develop key skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our English curriculum is engaging, fun, book centred and vocabulary rich.

Pupils are taught in Early Years and Key Stage One to read using a phonics programme called Read Write Inc (RWI). This allows them to develop word building and decoding skills, becoming confident readers and enthusiastic and talented writers. With this as a foundation, children are then introduced to a wide range of texts –through the Literacy & Language programme and a variety of published authors.

Language and Literacy skills permeate all areas of our curriculum. The texts we use are often (although not always) linked to the current topic e.g. when children are studying Rivers in Year 4, they read The Wind in the Willows.

Children need to be able to speak, read and write fluently and accurately. Therefore, children are encouraged to communicate effectively in speech and writing and to listen with understanding.

Reading and writing are both key development areas for our school. We aim to provide stimulating and engaging texts which cover a range of fiction and non-fiction writing genres. Comprehension, spelling and grammar are also fully integrated in our English lessons. Teachers use a variety of activities and approaches to make these fun.

At King Charles we want to encourage all our children to love books. The children love to sit in our classroom book corners and choose a book to take home or read in school.

At King Charles we are dedicated to supporting every child to reach their full potential in reading.

We aim to make reading lessons engaging, interactive and vocabulary rich. We pride ourselves on encouraging a love for reading throughout school by:

  • Daily story time sessions
  • Daily guided reading sessions.
  • Phonics lessons in Key Stage One and EYFS.
  • The use of big books throughout school.
  • Weekly visits to our school library.
  • Home reading including; bug club, reading books and comprehension questions.
  • Exposing children to different and stimulating authors.
  • Having a wide variety of texts for children to access for example; newspapers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, comics and many more engaging texts.
  • A large selection of Rotary books which children can take home and read at their own leisure.
  • Book centred topics including a range of books in the classrooms linked to our learning.

Our engaging and inviting library is open for parents and children after school on a Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15pm-4:00pm, we would love to see you there!

We have recently introduced a peer reading scheme into Year 5. Each morning at 8.45am, some of our Year 5 children have a reading session with a reading buddy from Year 6.

The Year 6 children have been given training in how to support reading and how to ask appropriate comprehension questions.

The sessions are really popular and the children from Year 5 are already making good progress. ​

Because the scheme has been so successful, we are planning to run a similar peer reading programme in Years 3, 4 and 5.