The Team

Miss K Magner

Principal of the Federation

Mrs S Tarpey

Acting Head of School/DRP Manager

Teaching Staff

Miss K Magner – Principal of the Federation

Mr A O’Neill – Head of School

Mrs K Wynne - Lead Teacher

Mrs A Rolph - SENDCO

Mrs S Dell - EYFS Lead Teacher

Mr L Molloy - Year 6 Teacher, Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Mr K Minto - Year 6 Teacher, PE Coordinator

Miss E Follis - Year 5 Teacher

Miss T Lane – Year 5 Teacher

Miss L Lucas - Year 4 Teacher

Miss A Jones - Year 4 Teacher, Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Mrs H Coley – Year 3 Teacher

Miss P Harris - Year 3 Teacher

Miss L Higgs – Year 2 Teacher, KS1 Phase Leader

Miss J Lloyd – Year 2 Teacher

Mrs T Haughton – Year 1 Teacher

Miss V Ferguson – Year 1 Teacher

Miss J De Jonge - Reception Teacher

Miss V Bench - Reception Teacher

Miss L Walker - Nursery Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader

Federation Staff

Ms J Wall – Federation Business Manager

Mrs S Dell – Early Years Lead for the Bentley Federation/ Acting SENCo

Mr C Thomas – Site Manager

Mrs D Walker – ICT & Creative Media Leader

Mr D Porter – HLTA ICT

Mr W Osborn - ICT Technician

Support Staff

Mrs C Keats – Office Manager

Mrs A Page – School Administrator

Miss F Francis – School Administrator

Mrs D Stanley – Safeguarding Assistant/ Parent Liaison

Miss N Waterman – HLTA / Nursery Group Leader

Mrs L Hobbs – HLTA EYFS/ KS1

Mrs s Haywood - HLTA KS1

Ms H Watts - HLTA Lower KS2

Miss S Murphy - HLTA Upper KS2

Ms Z Grimsted - HLTA Upper KS2

Mr R Angel - Sports HLTA

Mr C Webb – Sports Coaching (Sports +)

Miss J Bennett - Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Letford - Y6 Teaching Assisitant

Ms S Kaur – Y5 Teaching Assistant

Miss K Bailey – Y5 Teaching Assistant

Ms L Qoku - 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Howes – 4 Teaching Assistant

Miss C Sutton - Yr3 Teaching Assistant

Ms M Suthi - Y3 Teaching Assistant

Miss L Turner – Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Baker – 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss N Perry - Yr1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Makin – Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss S Price - Rec Teaching Assistant

Miss B Highway – Rec Teaching Assistant

Miss J Bott - Nur Teaching Assistant

Miss S Stanley - Nur Teaching Assistant

Miss J Wright

Ms L Brazier 1:1 TA

Miss Madison Adams 1:1 TA

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Mrs L Hardwick – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs F Price – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T O’Neill – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Tolley – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Power – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Powers – Lunchtime Supervisor

Caretaking and Cleaning

Mr A Baugh – School Caretaker