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King Charles Primary School

Welcome to Year 6

Your teachers for this year will be Mr Molloy and Mr Minto .

Your teaching assistants will be Miss Bennett, Mrs Letford, and Mrs Meredith.

Mr Fletcher will be covering some Year 6 lessons and taking intervention groups.

Meet your teachers...

Helpful links to support literacy

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In 6LM are: Megan, Sophie, Brodie, Shanea, Connor, Ethan, Andre, Owen, Elliott, Krystian, Lucy, Aimee, Tea, Teigan, Chloe, Brandon, Joshua, Kieran, Charlie, Harley, Kacper, Kadie, George-Anna, Mia


In 6M are: Paige, Cameron, Thomas, Charlie, Codie, Lauren, Lenaya, Jenson, Matilda, Renee, Leah, Blessing, Sam, George, Kaine, Manying, Harry, Jake, Demi, Neive, Madison, Kian, Jack

Let's meet the cohort...

All of the Year 6 staff would like to congratulate the Year 6s. Over the past 6 months, they have been revising hard, reading at home, revising at home, all in preparation for their SATs. During the SATs week, they were focused and performed really well; we're sure they'll get the results they deserve. Not only did they have to do all that, they also had a sustained period of time writing post SATs. Again, their attitude and motivation was fantastic throughout and they got the results they worked hard for! It's down to them that this year has been a success and we'd just to thank them so much for their efforts and wish them well this week with their high school transition days - enjoy the experience!

We're looking forward to spending the next 3 weeks, their last in primary, with them.

All of the Year 6 staff: Mr Molloy, Mr Minto, Mrs Letford, Miss Bennett, Miss Meredith

It's scorching here at Woodlands!

Well, we've arrived safe and sound and have already spent the evening playing field games. We arrived around 2pm and had the tour of the grounds and the children found out what activities they'll be doing over the next few days. Mr Minto prepared a fabulous pasta dish (Jamie Oliveresk, not!). Don't worry, the children have eaten and are currently, as we speak, out on the field for our first game or rounders. More photos to follow...

Year 6's Most recent End Goal on Area, Perimeter and Volume

 Missing blocks Volume Statements from image.docxDownload
 Volume of irregular shapes and comparisons wish list.docxDownload
 Volume investigation.docxDownload
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The children took the statements from the document list above and looked to investigate and prove whether they were correct, incorrect or even possible at all - here are some of their results!

Year 6 visit Cosford Air Museum!

At the end of last half term, Year 6 visited Cosford Air Museum as part of their topic work on WW2. Our day started with an evacuation experience in the education hut. Here, the children were given the opportunity to listen to a speaker who talk all about the experiences of the 'Blackout' and also how and why evacuations took place. She also went on to show the children items from WW2 such as maps, toys, replica bombs, gas masks etc. It was interesting to listen to how difficult life must have been for those living around the time of the war. The final experience for the children was to firstly see what life was like inside a 1940's kitchen and also move into an Anderson shelter at the sounding of the air raid sirens. 

The children were all given the opportunity to take a self-guided tour around the hangers at the museum, taking notes on what types of planes they saw and read about what life was like for pilots and engineers that looked to keep Britain's skies and cities safe! One of the most exciting experiences of the day was the 4D cinema trip - a bit of a bumpy ride! But it brought to life the experiences of pilots that flew and fort in the skies.

All of the children were extremely well behaved and were a credit to the school. It was a perfect way to complete the topic of WW2 for the Spring half term.  

Parent and Carer SATs workshop

We are currently in receipt of the last few letters regarding the parent SATs workshop. Once the vast majority of letters have been returned we will look at the time slots that are most common before deciding on a time and date for the workshops. It is likely to be a time after school as this is most suitable for most parents and carers. 

During these sessions, we will look at a range of strategies that the children in year 6 are expected to use on a daily basis in both English and Maths. You will get the chance to try a few of these methods out, tackle a few of the questions and of course ask as many questions as you like. We understand that the content your children is learning may be very different to when you were at school, this is even the case for ourselves in the phase. The sessions are designed to help you support your child in one of the most important stages in their primary education.

We will be in touch in the early part of the Spring term in relation to a confirmed date and time for both workshops.

Mr Molloy and Mr Minto

Successful Parent Workshops

Mr Minto and Mr Molloy would like to thank all of the parents who came to the English and Maths parent workshops recently. It was a valuable time for you to look through some of last year's SATs papers, including ones completed by the children and ask any important questions you had related to SATs. We looked through strategies that are being taught in class and addressed any misconceptions that the children may have been having when completing reading and maths papers. 

We hope to hold a final meeting in the week before SATs to give parents a guide to how they may want to approach the SATs week.

Mr Molloy and Mr Minto


Booster sessions have started!

With only 10 weeks (in school) to go until SATs, which we're sure the children have told you, after school boosters in SPaG, Maths and Reading have started. Your child will be aware what booster they are in and what they need to bring to the session. These sessions are very important for the children as they allow us to address any misconceptions and focus areas in the three subjects. Please make sure they are able to attend the sessions as many times as possible. 

Spring term topic for Yr6

World War 2 (Battle of Britain)

Our topic for the Spring term will be World War 2. As the children in year 6 have already covered World War 2 in relation to the Homefront, we will be taking the topic in the direction of 'The Battle of Britain' and also looking into the impact of the War overseas. In our topic we will be learning about the strategies used by Britain to combat German forces in the air. We will look into the aircraft that were used during the battle and explain how and why we were so successful. Timelines and personal recounts will help us explain the key events during this long and drawn out event. We will create artwork based on different themes and using a range of materials and medium. As we delve deeper into the topic we will turn our focus onto Anne Frank and the idea that Hitler wanted the 'perfect' German. We will look at the persecution of Jews and use this as a stimulus to write persuasively. Not only will this allow for great discussion but also for debating, where we will look to use the immersion room to capitalise on this learning. During our topic we will have an Inspire Day and visit Cosford to support our learning. 


Useful websites to get you started:



This term, in English, we will be covering such genres as Poetry, Explanations, Non chronological reports, narrative (extended and short) and persuasive writing. In all genres, Y6 will interrogate a variety of texts for their features, practise the use of these features and produce their final pieces, often through the use of the immersion room or green screen. We will continue to build upon the foundations we addressed in Autumn term by focusing on sentence structure, use of advanced punctuation and the ability to effectively and accurately implement the features found in the text type the children are studying.


In Maths this term, we will be focusing on the application of all four written methods. Pupils will be challenged to apply all of the arithmetic work we have covered into reasoning based problems e.g. 3 step worded problems with several types of calculations. Having covered the vast majority of all the arithmetic based questions, we will be moving onto the reasoning side of maths. End goals will involve work on topics such as angles, nets, 2D and 3D shapes, measures including time and weight, properties of shapes, algebra, statistics and interpreting data. Throughout all of the term, year 6 will be testing their knowledge of Roman Numerals and must ensure that they are practising these at home. Children should ensure they continue to practise areas they feel they need to work on - support is always available at break times or lunch times. 


In Science this term, we will be focusing on the topic of evolution and inheritance. We will learn how to:

  • recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago
  • recognise that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents
  • identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.
  • appreciate that variation in offspring over time can make animals more or less able to survive in particular environments
  • analyse the advantages and disadvantages of specific adaptations

In order to show this learning, pupils will be asked to form a 5 minute presentation on one element of evolution. They will be asked to present their work to their fellow classmates and head of school/science governor. 


This term, in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, we will continue to look through past SATs papers to identify areas of development in preparation for Y6's SATs. Our focus over the next few weeks will be to continue to identify word classes, types of clauses, the use of punctuation such as inverted commas, semi colons, colons, hyphens and to apply language features associated with year 6 and the SPaG test. Spelling patterns will be consolidated and practised weekly with root words, suffixes, prefixes and silent letter words being the focus for the first few weeks.


In PE the focus is invasion games, particularly concentrating on the use of tactics when attacking and defending and how to use space effectively in games such as netball, hockey and football. Children will have PE on Friday afternoons from now until the end of the term. However, please ensure Year 6 children have their PE kits in all week after SAT’s as we may take advantage of the nice weather when we can.


In ICT this term, we will continue to use computers to carry out research and organise information about different sources. We will also be formatting work with accuracy using a range of tools to give a document a consistent layout. Pupils will also be learning to use the green screen and take control of the immersion room to present work in topic, science and English.

University Challenge comes to KC! Year 6's latest Maths End Goal

As part of our work on time, Year 6 have been learning about a range of strategies to calculate with different units such as minutes, hours, days etc. Year 6 have looked at calculating efficiently using a suitable method and also showing how other methods may not work or be suitable. During the unit, the children have studied the way to calculate the differences in time, converting and order between different units and more recently, working with timetables e.g. train and bus. We did all of this work to prepare for our University Challenge quiz which we will hold in the final week of term. We are looking to film the event and also take lots of pictures, they will appear soon...

The 'Fudgelicious Crew' hit Jump In!

Last year, 5M entered into the spirit of the KC Summer Fayre by selling their new brand of fudge, Fudgelicious. Jake Sandle, Aimee Perry and Jenson Brevitt were there on the the day to support with the stall, and in the build up to the day, all of year 5 designed and manufactured a range of different flavoured fudge. We were extremely successful and as a reward, everyone involved was rewarded with a session at Jump In. We had a fantastic time! Although Mr Molloy decided not to show the children up too much with backflips and just stuck to bouncing up and down! :) Have a look at how we got on below...

Say hello to our new Head Boy and Head Girl, along with our Yr6 Ambassadors...


Owen Morley (Head Boy) Madison Quko (Head Girl) 

Jake Sandle, Manying Chen, Elliott Hinde, Blessing Sumaina (Ambassadors)


Year 6 came into school the other morning to find the immersion room in taters. There have been reports of a hurricane sweeping through and leaving all manners of destruction in its wake. What was left behind was a copy of a personal recount written by 'BARRY'. Unusually, several pages had been ripped out/removed/taken, from the middle of the book. 

These pages, we think, contain the last known diary entry from Barry...we have challenged year 6 to write what they think Barry did! 


Try solving some of these newspaper challenges. The function machines are a good way to use a range of skills in the same question. Our focus this term has been calculations, so we should be getting more confident when faced with some of these problems. Come and speak to Mr Molloy or Mr Minto when you think you have a solution to a problem!


Our new topic in Science is electricity. We have been tasked by the Highways Agency to construct a traffic light system that allows us to light up 3 bulbs independently using a range of components. Over the past few weeks we have been testing different types of circuits, drawing circuits using the correct symbols and, more recently, constructing circuits that contain junctions and branch lines. A lot of the groups were able to successfully construct the parallel circuit that imitated the way a traffic light would work. Have a look at some of the images and videos the hard work that year 6 put into this end goal, well done everyone!

Mr Molloy's latest challenge for his maths set!

BODMAS rules

Over the past week, we have been working on BODMAS (order of operations). The class have learnt how to use the acronym BODMAS to support them with their calculations when they encounter something like 3x4+(2x3). We have moved from basic calculations to looking at the changing nature of calculations based on the position of brackets. In their most recent lesson, we applied all of our knowledge to find the solution to a difficult problem based on the placement of brackets. All of this work is ultimately leading up to the end goal on the Crystal Maze. Take a look at some of the fantastic work that we have done below the end goal.

Year 6's first literacy challenge of 2017/2018

Volcanoes at the ready! Stand back everyone!

As part of our summer project, year 6 were challenged to design and create a volcano. It was up to them what materials they selected; the only criteria was that they had to design the volcano so it could erupt. We had some fantastic designs! Both year 6 classes were given the opportunity to take their volcanoes outside and create the eruptions. It was an exciting afternoon, some worked and some not so...either way we thank year 6 for making the effort over the summer to make some fantastic volcanoes!

Year 6's first maths challenge of 2017/2018


This term, in English, we will be covering such genres as Journalistic Recounts, Poetry, Personal Recounts, non-chronological reports, explanation and persuasive writing. In all genres Y6 will interrogate a variety of texts for their features, practise the use of these features and produce their final pieces, often through the use of the immersion room or green screen. We will focus on sentence structure, use of advanced punctuation and developing a confidence in writing in a range ways.


In Maths this term, we will be focusing on the use of a range of calculation strategies. We will be developing the speed in which we can multiply, divide, add and subtract with numbers up to 10,000,000. More importantly, our focus will be on the range of methods used to calculate and the reasoning used behind a calculation. Work will also focus on the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages and how these can support with a range of calculations. Later in the term, we will focus on shape, space and measures. Throughout all of our work, pupils will be expected to use a range of methods and their number knowledge to develop a greater depth across the whole curriculum. 


In Science this term, we will be focusing on the topic of light and electricity.


This term, in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, we will be looking through past SATs papers to identify areas of development in preparation for Y6's SATs. Our focus over the next few weeks will be identifying word classes, types of clauses, the use of punctuation (including their identification) and to familiarise Y6 with the terminology used in year 6. Spelling patterns will be consolidated and practised weekly with homophones and plurals being the focus for the first few weeks.


In the first term of PE, we will be swimming every Monday morning. Within the lessons, we will developing water confidence, stroke technique and stamina. Back at school, our topic for PE this term is basketball.


In ICT this term, we will be using computers to carry out research and organise information about different sources. We will also be formatting work with accuracy using a range of tools to give a document a consistent layout. Pupils will also be learning to use the green screen and take control of the immersion room to present work in topic, science and English.


Reading comprehension, maths, spelling and SPaG homework will be set every Wednesday and returned the following Wednesday. Homework will normally be based on the genre or topic we are covering during that week but may sometimes contain other elements of the Year 6 curriculum. CPG SATs books will be used and both classes will timetable some time to go through the homework in class.

Homework club will start soon and will give the children the opportunity to complete any homework before the hand in date. These clubs normally run on either a Monday or Tuesday after school, your child will receive a letter to invite them to the club if their teacher think it is necessary.

As King Charles continues to develop the use of Google Classroom, Year 6 will be using the programme during lessons and for homework purposes. Not all homework will be digitally based but we will be making more of a transition this year towards using Google Classroom (paper copies of homework will always be available).




Our first Topic this Autumn term in Y6 is Extreme Earth. We will be looking at a wide range of different natural disasters and the devastating effects that they can cause. We will gain an insight into disasters such as: volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and others. We will be developing our knowledge on how these natural disasters occur; previous natural disasters and the devastating destructions they caused and the preventions that countries are putting in place to prevent and deal with these life changing occurrences.


Wesbites that may be useful to develop your knowldege on natural disasters:


Be a dictionary detective!

Use this online thesaurus to help find synonyms for words that you could use in your writing! The link for the dictionary will also allow you find the definition of words that you are unfamiliar with.

Have a go at finding some synonyms for dark, deep, happy, amazing - maybe you could use some of these in your work in the next few weeks?